In the spotlight: Gerry King


Each month, I like to shine a spotlight on one dynamic businessperson whom I believe is making a massively positive impact on their clients, connections and the business world in general. Shining a spotlight allows all of us to get to know these amazing people better. So, this month, let’s meet:


Name: Gerry King


Short bio:

i-Netco Ltd – WordPress Web Design service making sure that clients have websites that put them in control of their marketing hub i.e. their website. I started to learn HTML and web design at night school in 2001 before starting my own business in 2003. I believe that by applying best practice to every website I build I can help clients to avoid distress and expense in their life and business. A secure and easy to manage website allows them to focus on the positives of marketing their business online.


Contact link:



How did you get into your current industry / business?

Started web design night classes in 2001 before going on to buy a franchise in 2003 and eventually becoming independent in 2005.


Where is your favourite place in the world?

The Lake District


Who had the biggest impact on your life? And why?

My parents. They taught me values that hold true every day of my life.


Best book ever read?

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. That book taught me that your destiny lies in maintaining a positive attitude to life and people.


Cats or dogs?



What project are you currently working on / or have just completed (if it’s not a secret)?

New Music Festival website for existing customer Wannasee Music Festivals


What was your first job / business after leaving education?

Apprentice Printer


What is your favourite drink?



What is your favourite season of the year and why?

Spring, it’s full of hope and optimism for the bright days ahead.


If you were doing a 60 second pitch, what would your “ask” be?

I would like to meet people within the funeral industry who can refer clients. (I work with a niche market in the funeral industry)