Project Map

About this resource:

This is a one-page template to help you plan and action your projects.

How to use:

  • Print out one template per project.
  • Write your project name in the middle, orange bubble.
  • Now take time to think. What are the milestones along the way to project completion?  Or, in other words, how can we break this project into smaller bits?
  • Write your project milestones in the green bubbles. You don’t have to use all the bubbles (if your project only has three milestones, only use three bubbles).  Also add more bubbles, if needed.
  • Start “time-lining” your project (at the bottom of the page). When do you want to complete it?  When should each milestone be reached?  Use actual dates – this will help ensure you stay on track.
  • You can use the top left area to note all the resources you’ll need.
  • Use the top right area to jot down any other notes.
  • Now schedule your project into your planner, as per project map.