How to Stay Motivated to do the Tasks You Hate


Very recently, at a business Expo, I met and spoke to a lovely lady called Catherine. And Catherine told me that one of her biggest challenges in business was to stay motivated to still do all the tasks that that she hates.


And we all have those types of tasks; like accounts, or preparing presentations, or writing reports or whatever it may be that you hate.   Catherine had issues like that as well – she would cherry-pick all the tasks on her “to do” list that she’d love doing. And all the ones that she hated would sort of always drop to the bottom of the pile, which means they never got done, or only got done sort of on the last minute of the deadline. And this, of course, creates more stress and overwhelm.


So I shared with Catherine my little system of staying motivated. I call it my “111 motivation” system.


And what it is, is this:  you divide all your tasks for the day into three groups. The first group is tasks that will be making you money. The second group is tasks that you absolutely hate doing. And the third is tasks that make you happy.


So what you then do is: you choose one of each group that will take the same amount of time. So for example, a task that’s going to make you money might be prospect calls, and that’s going to take you half an hour, for instance. Then you choose a task that you absolutely have to do. And if you don’t do it some thunderbolt will come down and strike you. This task is also estimated to take 30 minutes, and this might be “get your accounts up to date”. And then you choose a task that’s going to make you happy. That’s also for 30 minutes. And this might be something like posting on Facebook, or doing a Facebook Live or whatever, as long as it is something that’s going to make you happy.


So what you then do is you do the task that’s going to make your money, then you do the task that you absolutely have to do and that you probably hate and then do the task that’s going to make you happy.


The idea is that the momentum the system creates ensures that you actually get all the types of tasks done. And it motivates you to do that “less fun” task because, you know, once this is done, you can do the task that’s going to make you happy. So that is how I do it. That’s how, when I my own motivation drops a little bit, I stay motivated.


Just group your tasks into those three groups: one that makes you money, one that you hate, and one makes you happy. And that way you’re going to get all your tasks done.