How to Process Ideas

In an earlier blog, I wrote about the importance of capturing all ideas and thoughts in a trusted “Thought Receptacle”.  You know, all those “I must remember to call….” and “Oh, this is a brilliant solution to that client problem!”.  We all have these ideas and thoughts floating around our minds.  The issue is that we tend to forget them before we can action them!

And so I use the “Thought Receptacle” system.  It is a system I can trust, because I know I have scheduled time every morning to process all of these ideas and thoughts – so nothing will go missing.  

After I wrote that blog however, I had many people contact me asking what my process is for processing ideas and thoughts from my “Thought Receptacles”.  And so I decided to create a little flowchart explaining my process.

This is much more simple than it looks.  And it works!  I take each idea / thought from the receptacle and run it through this process.  It takes seconds for each idea or thought and it means every idea has now been captured in its correct place and ready to be actioned.