How to Leverage Quick Wins


Today I want to touch on the subject of leveraging quick wins. Now the thing with quick wins is it can actually do a great deal for you and your productivity and make you feel like you’re actually achieving things. So leveraging quick wins can motivate you, it can help you with your focus and it can make you feel (and be) more in control of your day.


Leveraging quick wins is a technique that I use all the time to make sure that I stay motivated and actually get stuff done.  It is also a technique I often encourage my clients to use – and they do so very effectively.


When to use the Quick Win Technique


I use this technique when my motivation is low. So this could be directly after lunch, for example. Often after lunch, we feel a bit sluggish and we don’t want to get into tasks and motivation is low. So that’s a really good time to use quick wins.


And another time is first thing in the morning. If you hit a quick win first thing in the morning, it sets you up for the day.


It’s a really good technique to use when we are tired or when we feel demotivated.


Examples of Quick Wins


So an example of a quick win could be that prospect call that you want to make. If you make that quick call first thing in the morning to that prospect and you clinch the deal. It’s a good quick win to set you up for the day.


Another little thing – a brilliant little quick win actually – is just tidying up your desk. It is something you can do within five minutes; get all the filing away, clean up your desk, and it makes you feel more in control and it motivates you to get on with the next task.


Or you could maybe have a project that sort of 95% finished. And you’re almost there. How about you do that last little bit on that project to finish it up and have that quick win and set you up for the rest of the day or for the next few hours after lunch.


Another example could be that really important email that you absolutely need to send.  It can be a five-minute job. When it’s done it gets momentum rocking for the rest of the day or the next few hours.


This is an easy way to really help you stay motivated and achieve things.  So go out there, identify your quick wins and leverage them to make yourself more productive and get more high-impact tasks done.