How To Chunk Your Week


Week chunking is one of my favourite ways to create more focus during my working week. It also helps me feel (and be) more in control of what gets done.  So how does Week Chunking work?


The idea of Week Chunking is to divide your working week into “chunks” of time.  The duration of chunks is not important (it could be two-hour chunks or half-day chunks).  Then, you allocate certain types of tasks to specific chunks of time. If you can always allocate a particular type of task to a particular time chunk (every week), it means you actually need to spend less thinking energy and focus, because your brain gets “trained” that a particular type of work is done at a specific time in the week. Let me explain through an example (this is how I personally chunk my week):


The Example:


I chunk my week into 10 time blocks.  I have one time block for AM and one time block for PM of each day, Monday to Friday. I have specific types of tasks allocated to each time block: Wednesday AM and PM are both reserved for content creation.  This means I know on Wednesdays I don’t have to spend energy on anything other than writing blogs, recording videos, researching business statistics and any other content I might want to create.  The Monday and Thursday AM and PM blocks (thus 4 x blocks) are reserved for client work, as are the Tuesday and Friday AM blocks (thus another 2 x blocks). The Friday PM block is strategic planning time and the Tuesday PM block is when I do everything else (admin etc).


Getting into the rhythm of Week Chunking allows me more control over what I do when. It also “gives me permission” to not do a particular task today, because I know there is another time chunk allocated to this type of task.  Another benefit if this technique is that it allows me to make sure I spend the right amount of time on each aspect of my business and that all types of tasks will get done (not just the most urgent and / or pleasant tasks).


How to implement Week Chunking:


Firstly, be realistic.  Look at how much time you need for each type of task you do.  Group tasks together (client work together, marketing together, research together, admin together and so on).  Now create Time Chunks in your planner and allocate types of tasks to those chunks.


When a particular time chunk comes up, focus on only that type of task.  Don’t get distracted by other types of tasks.


Use your newly created Week Chunks for two to three weeks and then tweak as needed. Within a very short period of time, you’ll feel more in control and less overwhelmed.