Group Coaching

We are proud to offer membership to the Boot-On-Bottom group coaching sessions, which Tiana Wilson-Buys facilitates.

“Boot on Bottom Coaching gives you vital accountability”
Tiana Wilson-Buys

So what is Boot on Bottom Group Coaching?

It is a hybrid between Group Coaching and 1:1 Coaching.  Each member receives both one-to-one business coaching, as well as group interaction and masterminding.  Boot on Bottom provides a real kick up the backside!

All meetings are done virtually, via Zoom.

So what happens during each meeting?

  • Clear business goal setting

  • Each member is held accountable for their goals (Boot On Bottom)

  • Lots of motivation

  • Action points for each person

  • Group brainstorming and sharing of ideas

  • Business advice tailored for your business

How does it work?

Members join the group for a four month set period.  No contracts, so you don't have to continue after the four month period if you don't want / have to. Commitment is however required.  Members must commit to attend all four group meetings (except in exceptional circumstances) for the benefit of the entire group.

There are only a maximum of 4 members per group.

Each member receives:

1 x 90-Minute Strategic Goal Setting Session (1:1)

4 x 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions

3 x 20-Minute Calls (1:1)

1 x 30-Minute Review Session (1:1)


The total investment for joining a Boot on Bottom group, for four months, is £404.00.

How can I join?

Step 1:  Complete the application form

Step 2:  Wait for an e-mail regarding the next available (and suitable) slot (you will receive an e-mail within 5 days)