Favourite Business Tools

Whenever I speak at events or conferences, one of the questions I get asked is: “What are your favourite tools or apps?”  Now obviously, the answer changes every so often, as new tools come under my radar, but I decided to write a short list of tools I use that make my life easier.


Basecamp is my go-to project management tool.  I have been using it for years and still love it.  I loop my accounts department in on projects, so invoicing can happen at the right time.  I can loop collaborators in on specific projects to help with teamwork and I can see everything that is going on with all my projects, in one place.  


I think most people know about Dropbox, but it certainly needs a mention here.  I cannot run my business without this handy tool. Dropbox is really just a file-sharing platform – nothing more, nothing less.  I use it to share folders and files with my team (for example, sharing a blog with my designer so she can create all the relevant graphics).  


This is a content planning and scheduling tool I use for Instagram.  It saves a lot of time as I can do all the planning of content publication, in one place, at one time.  It also gives me a one-glance look at all planned content for the next month. 

SimplyBook Me

I use this tool for scheduling meetings and video calls.  It makes life really easy when you can send a link to someone and they can book a time slot with you.  It saves you from doing all that email ping-ponging to find a time slot that works for both parties.  


Zoom is a video conferencing platform.  It is brilliant for virtual meetings and even webinar-style training.  I use it all the time.  It is reliable and easy to use.  

I use all kinds of other tools and am looped in on client projects on platforms such as Trello, Asana and Slack.  So, this is by no means a complete list, but these are the tools I use virtually every day and each one helps me be more productive and organised.