Chase List

About this resource:

If you are tired of other people’s bad time management affecting yours, this template will help!  This template is a one-page glance at everything you are waiting for from other people.  It gives you a system of following up to ensure you receive what you asked for, on time.

How to use:

  • Print out a copy of the Chase List Template and keep it on your desk.
  • Whenever you request something from someone else, fill in a row on the sheet: Who?  What?  When asked?  Deadline?  How?
  • Schedule a task in your diary (once or twice a week, as needed) and follow up with each person on your list (where needed). Fill in the appropriate “chase block”.  Don’t chase up if you don’t need to but do chase up if the deadline is coming up and you haven’t heard anything yet.
  • Once you receive whatever you requested, tick the “done” box.
  • Add sheets as needed.