How to Take Back Control of Your Time

By Tiana | Dec 4, 2018

  Are you tired and absolutely fed up with other people’s bad time management impacting negatively on your own time management?   Here’s an example of a situation that I have come across again and again:  you have sent an email off to Sally to ask for some information. And you need this information to…

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How to Leverage Quick Wins

By Tiana | Nov 28, 2018

  Today I want to touch on the subject of leveraging quick wins. Now the thing with quick wins is it can actually do a great deal for you and your productivity and make you feel like you’re actually achieving things. So leveraging quick wins can motivate you, it can help you with your focus…

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How to Stay Motivated to do the Tasks You Hate

By Tiana | Nov 20, 2018

  Very recently, at a business Expo, I met and spoke to a lovely lady called Catherine. And Catherine told me that one of her biggest challenges in business was to stay motivated to still do all the tasks that that she hates.   And we all have those types of tasks; like accounts, or…

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How To Chunk Your Week

By Tiana | Nov 15, 2018

  Week chunking is one of my favourite ways to create more focus during my working week. It also helps me feel (and be) more in control of what gets done.  So how does Week Chunking work?   The idea of Week Chunking is to divide your working week into “chunks” of time.  The duration of…

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The Impact of Procrastination

By Tiana | Oct 17, 2018

  I think it is fairly obvious that procrastination works like a set of brakes when it comes to how much we achieve in a day.  The more we procrastinate, the less we get done.  It is as simple as that.   Yet, a great many people still procrastinate – either consciously of subconsciously. One would…

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Standing Meetings

By Tiana | Sep 7, 2018

    In today’s busy business world, there isn’t time to waste on long, drawn-out meetings. The concept of boardroom gatherings, meeting minutes and wasting half a day on pointless discussions just does not fit in the modern small business world.   Now we need to get to the point, make a decision and move…

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