Productive Distractions

By Tiana | Nov 18, 2019

Avoiding and eliminating distractions have always been my motto.  I employ techniques such as using a kitchen timer to force focus for a specific amount of time, or closing all browsers on my desktop, or even sticking a massive sign reading “Do Not Disturb” sign on my office door.  I practice (and teach) all of these techniques…

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Favourite Business Tools

By Tiana | Oct 4, 2019

Whenever I speak at events or conferences, one of the questions I get asked is: “What are your favourite tools or apps?”  Now obviously, the answer changes every so often, as new tools come under my radar, but I decided to write a short list of tools I use that make my life easier. Basecamp Basecamp…

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Unchaining Your Brain

By Tiana | Jul 25, 2019

Choosing just one “favourite” or most impactful speaker out of a magnificent line-up of over 30 world-class speakers is near impossible.  If I had to choose though, from the speaker list at the Getting Things Done Summit 2019, it would undoubtedly be Theo Compernolle.  What an awesome and highly knowledgeable speaker! (Oh, and very entertaining too!) This…

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Not Getting Things Done is Also Productive

By Tiana | Jul 22, 2019

A while ago, I read (and really enjoyed) a book called “Busy” by Tony Crabbe.  So when I had the opportunity to hear him speak at the GTDSummit (Getting Things Done Summit) recently, I was absolutely delighted.  Tony is a business psychologist and author who have worked with many household name brands over the years. This is…

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The Concept of Brain Management

By Tiana | Jul 16, 2019

I recently had the opportunity to hear Mark Tigchelaar speak at the #GTDSummit in Amsterdam.  Mark is a Neuro-psychologist and author of five books.  He specialises in understanding how the brain works and how to leverage this to get more things done.  I thought I’d share my summary of his talk here. It’s not about Time Management; it’s…

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The Power of Active Questions

By Tiana | Jul 11, 2019

During my recent attendance of the Getting Things Done Summit in Amsterdam, many great speakers took to the stage to share their knowledge, experience and ideas with us.  One of those speakers was world-renowned business educator and coach, Dr Marshall Goldsmith.   I found Marshall’s talk inspiring and thought provoking which is why I wanted to share my…

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