Do it standing up!

By Tiana | Jun 26, 2014

I’m talking about business meetings, of course. In today’s busy business world, there isn’t time to waste on long, drawn-out meetings. The concept of boardroom gatherings, meeting minutes and wasting half a day on pointless discussions just does not fit in the modern small business world. Now we need to get to the point, make…

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You Are a Successful Goal Achiever Already – So Why Fear Setting New Goals?

By Tiana | Jun 12, 2014

Many people declare they are afraid of setting goals – in life and business. Phrases I often hear are: “I don’t know how to set goals” or “What’s the point of setting goals – life gets in the way” or “I can’t set goals, what if I don’t achieve it? I’ll just be disappointed.” The…

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5 Top Tips For Delegating Tasks

By Tiana | Mar 25, 2014

Task delegation is an area where one’s own time management is affected directly by the quality of other people’s time management. How often have you asked someone to take care of a task, only to find – on the deadline – that it was never actioned? It is situations like these which can completely disrupt…

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