So what are the next steps?

By Tiana | Feb 12, 2015

  The other day I attended a meeting, organised and chaired by a seasoned business person. Many topics and ideas were discussed, but I kept feeling no progress was made – we were all talking in circles. Then, suddenly, the chair person started to wrap up the meeting (we were already 10 minutes past the…

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Productivity Hack: Do Not Disturb

By Tiana | Feb 5, 2015

  Phone calls, Skype Calls, e-mails and other Instant Messaging – these are all interruptions we deal with every single working day. Annoying, I know. And it kills productivity. Taking that call or dealing with that e-mail is not the thing which takes time (well, maybe a little) but it’s the fact that you need…

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E-mails: The 3 Minute Rule

By Tiana | Jan 29, 2015

  One thing which can seriously affect our time management and productivity is e-mails. We get a flood of them each day – some spam, some with good information and some needing specific action on our part. The problem is that it can rule our lives – if we allow it to. One way I…

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Don’t Test Your Customer’s Patience!

By Tiana | Sep 1, 2014

When it comes to customer care, time is NOT on your side. We live in an age of instant gratification – a time when people expect immediate answers and service. Customer loyalty is a rare commodity in modern business. They expect to get what they want, when they want it – and will do business…

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The Treasure is in the Follow-up

By Tiana | Aug 6, 2014

If content is king, contact is the super-duper king of all kings! It doesn’t matter if they are your current clients, past clients or prospects – you need to be in constant contact with all people connected to your business. That is, if you want a successful business. Too many business owners, managers and sales…

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Manage a Realistic To-Do List

By Tiana | Jul 31, 2014

Look at your To-Do list. Think about each task on that list. How much time do you think each task will realistically take? Now if you tally up the total amount of time needed to accomplish all your tasks today – how much time is that? Scary, isn’t it! And that is exactly the problem…

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