3 Ways to Have More Productive Meetings

By Tiana | Mar 14, 2018

    How often have you walked out of a meeting thinking: “What a total waste of time!” Often meetings drag on for way too long and have no clear purpose, yet we attend – for whatever reason – the boss told us to attend, we thought progress will be made on a project or…

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15-Minute Meetings – The Way Forward in a Busy World

By Tiana | Mar 7, 2018

  The old default of one-hour meetings is no longer fit for purpose in today’s busy world. If you are expected, like many executives, to attend upwards of 20 meetings per week, one-hour meetings become totally impossible. Because often it’s not just the actual time attending meetings but also the travel time and preparation time…

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3 Ways to beat procrastination

By Tiana | Mar 1, 2018

  The Nike slogan of “Just do it” won’t help us to overcome procrastination. Neither will beating ourselves up. Calling on the mystical element of “Will Power” is also a non-starter. We all know we have will power, but employing it to get a task done is easier said than done – we know that…

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The Air Traffic Controller’s Story

By Tiana | Feb 21, 2018

  Janice has just arrived on shift. Glancing at the numerous blips on the radar screen, she can feel the anxiety grow in the pit of her stomach. “It’s going to be another stressful day”, she thinks to herself as she slides into her chair. “Hotel Mike Delta 664 is in approach, Romeo Mike Lima…

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By Tiana | Feb 14, 2018

In my work as a Business Coach and Productivity Strategist, the topic of social media often comes up in discussions with clients. It is not only the creation of content or the scheduling of said content it takes a great deal of time – it is also the time we spend (waste?) on social media…

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In the Spotlight: Kate MacKay

By Tiana | Feb 13, 2018

Each month, I like to shine a spotlight on one dynamic businessperson whom I believe is making a massively positive impact on their clients, connections and the business world in general. Shining a spotlight allows all of us to get to know these amazing people better. So, this month, let’s meet:     Name: Kate Mackay…

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