In the Spotlight: Katherine Wildman

By Tiana | Jan 16, 2018

Each month, I like to shine a spotlight on one dynamic businessperson whom I believe is making a massively positive impact on their clients, connections and the business world in general. Shining a spotlight allows all of us to get to know these amazing people better. So, this month, let’s meet:     Name: Katherine Wildman…

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“Dead Time” Tasks

By Tiana | Jan 10, 2018

So you are sitting in the coffee shop sipping your cappuccino waiting for your friend/ contact to arrive. The scheduled meeting is due to start in a few minutes and now you’re twiddling your thumbs. This, my friend, is dead time.   I don’t know anyone who does not have any dead time anywhere in…

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Why I’m Delving Deeper

By Tiana | Jan 3, 2018

I have long been a fan of week chunking. Over the past few years, this practice has helped me complete massive projects; writing a book, developing training material for clients, planning and launching a podcast etc. It has also helped many of my clients achieve their goals.   For those unfamiliar with the concept of…

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Time Control for Entrepreneurs

By Tiana | Aug 1, 2016

Most people struggle with controlling their time and time management. Entrepreneurs however, have an even bigger struggle on their hands. Demands on their time are enormous! Continual business development, product or service expansion, admin, employee management, meetings, networking and the day-to-day running of the business – these are but a few of the demands on…

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Eisenhower’s Matrix is Still Relevant Today – Even More So!

By Tiana | Jul 13, 2016

  President Dwight D. Eisenhower (US President 1953 – 1961) had a point, I believe, when he spoke about urgency and importance in tasks. You can imagine, as General in the US Army, then Allied Forces Supreme Commander during WW2 and later as US President, Eisenhower had quite a bit on his plate! Many of…

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Striking the Right Balance

By Tiana | Jun 9, 2016

Life is complicated these days. We are expected to be “on duty” almost 24/7 – replying to e-mails, completing reports, attending meetings – the To-Do list seems endless. We face demands on our time from various angles and trying to fit it all in is an impossible feat. In fact, we now work longer hours…

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