How to Process Ideas

By Tiana | Jun 9, 2020

In an earlier blog, I wrote about the importance of capturing all ideas and thoughts in a trusted “Thought Receptacle”.  You know, all those “I must remember to call….” and “Oh, this is a brilliant solution to that client problem!”.  We all have these ideas and thoughts floating around our minds.  The issue is that we tend to…

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Power of Routines

By Tiana | Mar 16, 2020

Whenever someone asks me what the secret to great time management is, my answer is always this:  good habits.   We are creatures of habit.  We get dressed in the same way every day, we brush our teeth in the same way every day and chances are you have your favourite table at your local coffee shop –…

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Setting Expiry Dates

By Tiana | Feb 26, 2020

Years ago, my wonderful friend Christelle told me about her “expiry date plan” which still makes me laugh today when I think about it.  She and her husband lived at the coast and her mother-in-law liked to visit them.  The thing is, Christelle didn’t really get on with said mother-in-law.  And mother-in-law liked to visit for extended periods…

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Is Paper Killing Productivity?

By Tiana | Feb 3, 2020

The other day I popped by a friend’s office to drop off a bunch of flowers.  As it always happens with these things, it turned into having a coffee and a bit of a chat.  This was my first visit to her office, so naturally I looked around at the office set-up.  The first thing I noticed is…

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Capturing Important Ideas

By Tiana | Jan 27, 2020

Don’t you just hate it when that brilliant idea disappears from your mind, just as fast as it popped in there, in the first place?  Way too many times, I have had clever ideas for marketing, or a blog topic or a solution to a client’s problem – and then promptly forgot it! And then I’ll try…

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Overcommitted Means Uncommitted

By Tiana | Dec 23, 2019

Overcommitted means uncommitted.  I know that sounds weird – after-all, does it not mean exactly the opposite?  So how can it be the same thing?  Well, it can – and in a sense, it is. Over commitment is like a slowly spreading disease.  And most Solopreneurs fall victim to it from time to time.  The trick is to see it…

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