Are you using Viking Laws in your business?



During a recent trip to Norway, I came across a set of Viking Laws. As I read through these old laws, it struck me how absolutely relevant they are in today’s business world too!

Now, I’m most certainly not going to copy all the Viking Laws into this article, but I do want to share Viking Law number 2:

Be prepared

  • Keep weapons in good condition
  • Keep in shape
  • Find good battle comrades
  • Agree on important issues
  • Choose one chief


If we look at this Viking Law from a business perspective, I think it can be applied as follows:


  • Make sure your equipment, tools, systems and processes are working well
  • Apart from looking after yourself physically, also focus on industry trends, personal development and business growth
  • Seek out great collaborators to work with – don’t try to do it all by yourself
  • When working with others, know that you won’t always agree on every point. Get the job done – don’t let small, unimportant issues hold you back
  • When working with others decide who will take the lead – have one person who is ultimately accountable. This eliminates issues of “I thought you’re doing that”

 I’m sure there are many other examples and perspectives of this Viking Law used in the business world. What are your thoughts?


Tiana Wilson-Buys is a “Get Stuff Done” Business Coach and Productivity Strategist. She offers a free 10-Day Time-Saving Tactics programme via e-mail which you can find here.