1 : 1 Coaching

Tiana is a no-nonsense, action orientated “Get stuff done” business coach.  She walks the journey to success (whatever that means for the individual client) with each client.

Tiana works with individuals or teams who are dynamic, driven and who have a burning desire to “level up” their business.  This could include business expansion, launching new products or services, streamlining of processes and much more.  Whatever the client’s goal is can be achieved through actionable plans.

“Let’s get stuff done!”
Tiana Wilson-Buys

By harnessing all the knowledge and experience gained over years in business, Tiana guides and advises business owners and managers along their journey to success.

Coaching with Tiana includes (but is not limited to):

  • A confidential sounding board

  • Assist you to work ‘on’, not just ‘in’, your business

  • Guide you to become more focused and productive

  • Create a deeper understanding of yourself

  • Increase your business knowledge and experience

  • Provide support and motivation

  • Maximize business and personal performance

  • Support you to achieve your objectives

  • Challenge you and expand your beliefs of what is possible