I am ideally placed to assist and advise business owners and managers in achieving their goals as I am results orientated, driven and focused. These attributes are downloaded to my clients’ psyche through my no-nonsense approach.

"Tiana Translates corporate buzz phrases into day-to-day business language. Moulds leading-edge concepts and methodologies into actionable techniques, strategies and approaches. Tiana has an amazing ability to make the difficult simple and is passionate about sharing her easy to use techniques and real life observations to help entrepreneurs and companies to launch, develop and grow their businesses."


4 Ways to Win With Email

By Tiana | May 1, 2019

When working with clients on the Time Management and Productivity front, the one issue everyone seems to have is email overload.  Too many emails, too much time needed to handle it and people expecting a reply within two nanoseconds.   The bad news is this:  clearly email is a part of our lives and here to stay.  The good…

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Using Waiting Time Productively

By Tiana | April 3, 2019

Being as productive as possible means using every bit of time wisely.  That includes “Waiting Time”.  And we all have waiting time.  We wait for the doctor’s appointment, we wait for the train to arrive, we wait for a meeting to start and we wait for the kids to finish swimming lessons.  It seems we are forever waiting for…

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What is Attention Management?

By Tiana | March 20, 2019

We all know quite a bit about Time Management.  Its often-neglected cousin is Attention Management – and this, it seems, we know much less about.  And Attention Management, in my humble opinion, is the currency of the 21stcentury.   Attention management is the habit of controlling distractions, being present in the moment and maximising focus, so that you…

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