I am ideally placed to assist and advise business owners and managers in achieving their goals as I am results orientated, driven and focused. These attributes are downloaded to my clients’ psyche through my no-nonsense approach.

"Tiana Translates corporate buzz phrases into day-to-day business language. Moulds leading-edge concepts and methodologies into actionable techniques, strategies and approaches. Tiana has an amazing ability to make the difficult simple and is passionate about sharing her easy to use techniques and real life observations to help entrepreneurs and companies to launch, develop and grow their businesses."


Is Paper Killing Productivity?

By Tiana | February 3, 2020

The other day I popped by a friend’s office to drop off a bunch of flowers.  As it always happens with these things, it turned into having a coffee and a bit of a chat.  This was my first visit to her office, so naturally I looked around at the office set-up.  The first thing I noticed is…

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Capturing Important Ideas

By Tiana | January 27, 2020

Don’t you just hate it when that brilliant idea disappears from your mind, just as fast as it popped in there, in the first place?  Way too many times, I have had clever ideas for marketing, or a blog topic or a solution to a client’s problem – and then promptly forgot it! And then I’ll try…

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Overcommitted Means Uncommitted

By Tiana | December 23, 2019

Overcommitted means uncommitted.  I know that sounds weird – after-all, does it not mean exactly the opposite?  So how can it be the same thing?  Well, it can – and in a sense, it is. Over commitment is like a slowly spreading disease.  And most Solopreneurs fall victim to it from time to time.  The trick is to see it…

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