I am ideally placed to assist and advise business owners and managers in achieving their goals as I am results orientated, driven and focused. These attributes are downloaded to my clients’ psyche through my no-nonsense approach.

"Tiana Translates corporate buzz phrases into day-to-day business language. Moulds leading-edge concepts and methodologies into actionable techniques, strategies and approaches. Tiana has an amazing ability to make the difficult simple and is passionate about sharing her easy to use techniques and real life observations to help entrepreneurs and companies to launch, develop and grow their businesses."


Standing Meetings

By Tiana | September 7, 2018

    In today’s busy business world, there isn’t time to waste on long, drawn-out meetings. The concept of boardroom gatherings, meeting minutes and wasting half a day on pointless discussions just does not fit in the modern small business world.   Now we need to get to the point, make a decision and move…

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Why You Need a Closed Door Policy

By Tiana | September 4, 2018

    Interruptions. We all have to suffer them each and every day. If you work from home, you’ll have experienced the family bursting into your workspace, interrupting your work. If you spend your working hours in an office, you’ll know the colleague who just loves popping by your desk for a quick chat. The…

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Become More Productive by Working Less

By Tiana | August 9, 2018

  I have long been an advocate of setting time limits and artificial deadlines, in order to accomplish more in less time.  In fact, I am known for working with a kitchen timer in my office!  I would decide what task I want to start and complete within the next “time block”, set the kitchen…

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